Paperless Decos now also has paperless toilets

On Monday, June 16, Decos installed a number of innovative toilets in its futuristic office in Noordwijk. And with that, the very last bit of paper has vanished from the organization, now the most paperless company in the Netherlands.


The only paper is toilet paper


CEO Paul Veger is pleased that toilet paper has also been banished from his building. Veger explains his pioneering decision, “We’re always joking that the only paper around here is toilet paper. But now we’ve banished that too, thanks to these two modern Geberit Aqua Clean toilets!”

Decos is a pioneer in digital - i.e. paperless - working. They use their own solutions like the JOIN online document management system and iPad app Minute for paperless meetings. “For many people, a completely paperless work environment is still something of the future, but completely normal for us. For years now, Decos has been working fully digital because it’s far more efficient, safer and cheaper,” says Veger about his policy. “It’s also a lot better for the environment, which is why our administrative work has been fully digitalized for years, including invoicing and all communication.”


The last bit of paper disappears


“Two years ago, we had already achieved 99% paperless business operations. Back then, we gave all our employees an iPad and banished post-its, wastepaper baskets, flip-overs, pens and notepads. Visitors to our building are always surprised by our vision on working and are always looking for that one little piece of paper that just has to be around here somewhere. The only place where paper was still used was in the bathroom. I think it’s fantastic that we now have these bidet-style toilets. The Geberit Aqua Clean cleans using a warm water spray and dryer, making it completely paperless. No doubt, this will lead to interesting conversations! Today, we’ve once again shown that it’s possible to change the world today – and in both a sustainable and hygienic manner.”