Decos Technology Group Announces Acquisition of CenterOne

Decos Technology Group has expanded its portfolio with the acquisition of CenterOne, a software specialist in the field of Permits, Inspection, and Enforcement solutions for governments and semi-governmental organizations. This strategic acquisition enhances Decos' position and aligns with its ambition to make a positive impact on society through innovative software solutions.

Founded in 2008, CenterOne assists its clients in improving workflow processes and enhancing productivity by utilizing the SaaS platform, ProcessPro. This modular solution focuses on efficiently executing core tasks for government entities, such as municipalities, environmental agencies, safety regions, and water boards. It offers a wide range of standard building blocks for process-driven work, combined with task-oriented modules designed for Permits, Inspection, and Enforcement processes (PIE).

"This acquisition is a logical extension of Decos' portfolio, which has been facilitating process and case-oriented work in the Netherlands and beyond for years with its modular software suite, JOIN. By adding deep domain expertise in the realm of PIE processes, we strengthen the foundation of our market position. This enables us to provide even better services to our clients," stated Daniël de Klerk, CEO of Decos.

Decos' Growth Strategy

The acquisition of CenterOne aligns with Decos Technology Group's broader growth strategy. CEO Daniël de Klerk explained, "Our goal is not only to make the world more efficient, paperless, and sustainable, but also to improve the quality of services provided to citizens and businesses. By growing, we can innovate more and achieve greater impact. Organizing the PIE process efficiently is a significant and challenging task for organizations, especially considering the introduction of the Dutch Omgevingswet (Environmental Act). We are excited to now offer our expertise in this field."

Peter van der Schuyt, founder and director of CenterOne, added, "This acquisition underscores the ambitions we have as an organization and provides us with the opportunity to professionalize our services and innovate more rapidly, enabling us to better support our clients in the implementation and utilization of ProcessPro."

CenterOne will continue to operate under its own name and with its current team as an independent division within the Decos Technology Group. The account managers and project managers at CenterOne will remain the trusted points of contact for their clients.