The people of Decos India


''It is a memorable journey in Decos since I joined this wonderful organization on 10th May 2011. I met numerous people, worked with numerous individuals, and I frankly tell that I see an upgraded and matured professionally in me today.

It was a special time these last 10 years! I laughed, I enjoyed I cherished all the emotions. Today I can say that Decos still maintains that culture of trust and affection with employees at all levels.

The strategies carried out by the organization are always employee-centric, The policies like ‘Flexible timings’, ‘Work from anywhere have been always useful for employees to achieve their best productivity while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. This helps to give a great environment to the people working here.

Decos has always believed in a flat hierarchy and strives to always maintain it. The organization not only has been adoring to the employees but to their families as well, The ‘Family day’ events conducted by the company have always helped the employees and their family members to know each other and develop a lovely bonding amongst each other. Its been a privilege that I am part of this exquisite organization for last 10 years.''

-Sanket Mangsulikar, Lead Quality Analyst


vinay-modified“I have worked at other organizations but nothing compares with my experience at Decos. Every team I worked with so far is filled with motivated people who take care of each other because Decos takes care of them. The company's leadership has successfully internalized the goals and objectives and all the employees feel appreciated and recognized for their dedication and hard work. Overall, Decos gives me the job satisfaction I have always longed for!''

-Vinay Gupta, Technical Lead


b pavan-modified

“Decos is where one’s intelligence, skills, and experience meet the platform equipped with suitable infrastructure driven by determined leadership to accomplish mutual goals, despite the fact that together we are contributing towards a better tomorrow professionally and personally''. 

-B Pavan Reddy, Sr. Systems Engineer 


ali-modified“I am very happy to join DECOS. I love the work culture. Even though we work from home we are connected well. The good thing I like here is your opinions are considered and the company spends on you for your skill development. Recently we have got many new development work, we have worked dedicatedly and got good appreciation from customers. This helps us to be motivated and deliver more qualitatively.

Here we don’t only work but also have many fun activities like quiz and many more games which helps us to boost our energy and get freshen up for work. Specially my family is very happy as we keep on getting treats.”

-Mohd Ali, Senior Firmware Engineer


toshiba-modified''Decos is an amazing company to work for. People over here helped me to quickly ramp up on the healthcare domain. The management team is always there to help me succeed.''

-Toshiba, Quality Analyst



khamkar-modifiedI joined Decos two years ago for an opportunity to work with smart people and do interesting work, I have not been disappointed. Over the past 2 years, I have been provided opportunities to sharpen and diversify my skill set all while helping my clients. What makes Decos unique is the level of talent combined with a willingness to share each other’s expertise and learn from one another. Doing so comes easily because Decos strives continuously to ensure employees excel in both their professional and personal lives. To top it off, Decos’s culture is unmatched! From the focus on engagement to the prioritization of employee wellbeing, I enjoy each of the unique aspects of company culture.”

-Abhijit Khamkar, Software Engineer



"I joined Decos in May 2021. I like the work environment at Decos. Colleagues and superiors are very helpful. I have been fortunate to be surrounded by great individuals who are generous in sharing knowledge. Employees are encouraged to pursue higher learning and get technical certifications.

The company’s culture is very good and transparent. The company's financial position and growth plan are shared with all employees regularly. I am proud to be a part of Decos family. "

-Romesh Kapoor, Sr Software Engineer


bharat-modified''Since joining DECOS, I have had a good professional journey here. It is a great place with a friendly environment & supportive colleagues to grow and develop your knowledge skills and also offers a good work-life balance. I’m really happy to be a part of this organization.''

-Bharat Patil, Sr Software Engineer



''I joined Decos in July 2021 and immediately noticed the positive atmosphere here. Here are the things I loved at Decos.. Knowledge Transfer sessions, great co-workers, friendly environment.. Hope the list goes on. Truly, A Great place to work...!!!''

-Samrat Kamble, Sr Software Engineer


aarti-modified''It has been 4 months since I had joined Decos, what I observed best in Decos within this time is focusing on employs self-development. I have experienced a nice work environment here in Decos with a good work-life balance. From the focus on engagement to the prioritization of employee wellbeing, I enjoy each of the unique aspects of company culture.''

-Aarti Ghuge, Associate Quality Analyst


revati-modified''I am part of Decos for one year wherein I found a huge difference in the work culture here. I feel happy to work in this friendly and collaborative culture.

Working on Customer projects, communicating with them, understanding the concepts from domain specialists is a plus point for me to grow with Decos.

Decos truly cares for its employees and makes it a great work environment.
I appreciate that my hard work is recognized and encouraged by my seniors.
Finally, I would like to add for DECOS: Defining tomorrow, Enthusiastic, Organization, Collaborative, Optimistic, Supportive.''

-Revati Joshi, Senior Quality Analyst


anagha-modified“Decos has been a great enabler towards offering new opportunities for learning and strengthening my inherent skill sets. I have gained experiences along the way that are irreplaceable and valuable to my career growth. Decos has a great group of colleagues who share their experiences and work together in a spirit of mutual benefits and I found myself in it. Joining Decos has turned out to be one of the best decisions for me.”

-Anagha Sankpal, Software Engineer



"I started my software development career as fresher and now have completed Four years at Decos. Being a night owl, one of the perks that I enjoy are flexible work hours. The communication channels are open and frank. Communication gaps caused by the lockdown blues couldn't hamper our productivity or cause any unwanted stress. The entire team including team leads are always ready to help, be it work-related or you are just feeling down due to the overall current state of the world. Despite being a fresher, I was given a lot of challenging new opportunities, which helped me not only on the technical front but also on the soft skills side like negotiations within the team and with the client. Working with Decos has been a great experience!"

-Ashwini Ladekar, Sr Software Engineer