Getting things done, wherever you are

With JOIN mobile, Decos enables you to work case-focused wherever you are and whenever you want. The last few months, in close collaboration with our customers, we have worked hard on a mobile version of JOIN Case & Document. The fruit of our labor is JOIN Mobile, an app that syncs with your needs and is completely up to date. It offers an intuitive, new and stylish interface that helps you do business - wherever, whenever you want.


Help optimizing services


“JOIN Mobile connects seamlessly with the wishes and demands of our customers and fits in perfectly with the product range of Decos,” David Bronsveld, Product Owner of JOIN, explains. “We want to help our customers in optimizing the services they provide for their citizens. Decos offers smart, digital solutions that bridge the gap between citizen and municipality. JOIN Mobile is highly contemporary and enables the user to get things done in a flexible way. This results in less distance between citizen and municipality and quick problem solving.”


Developed for and with customers


“For the development of JOIN Mobile, Decos broke new ground,” Bronsveld explains. “We spent an entire week brainstorming with civil servants and the cooperation organization HLT (municipalities of Hillegom, Lisse and Teylingen). With the guidance of a ’sprintcoach’ and an UX designer, we examined the preferred options the app should have. We quickly agreed that the interface we were about to develop, should be the last word in user-friendliness and applicability. In less than a week, we were ready to offer a beta version of the app that could be tested by the users of JOIN. This generated the feedback necessary to build and improve the functionality of the app.”

In just seven months since the first test version, the app is up and running. Aside from the development of the app, we have spent considerable effort to enhance the connection between JOIN and JOIN Mobile. The aim is a seamless experience between desktop and mobile app. With update 6.23 JOIN Case & Document is ready to go mobile.

Do you want to become one of our many customers and would you like to work with JOIN and JOIN Mobile, please feel free to contact your account manager! We are more than happy to help.