Partnership Decos and Centric

In Decos, Centric has found a perfect partner to help clients in the local & regional government with customer contacts and case-oriented working. The partnership enables both parties to offer clients a significant expansion of their services.

The arrangement had its origins in Centric looking for a solution for case-oriented working and customer contact, and found it could better support its clients in this field via a partnership. After thorough market analysis, Centric decided that JOIN by Decos was the system best aligned to its wishes and demands. “Centric has made a clear choice,” says Maarten Hillenaar, Director of Public Sector Solutions at Centric. “We are entering into a strategic partnership with this reliable and professional party to offer our clients the best possible solutions.”

JOIN is now part of the chain of solutions that Centric offers local & regional government, either via the Cloud or on-premises. The partnership with Decos enables Centric to better address the changes currently required by central government.

Strategic interest

Decos and Centric see new opportunities to offer their clients better solutions via the partnership. “The products of Decos and Centric are complementary,” says Bas Taalman, Commercial Director at Decos. “Decos’ case system as a central platform is linked to Centric’s domain-specific solutions, like Suites for the Social Domain. This means we can now offer clients a broader service package. Moreover, the care with which Centric selected us as a partner strengthens our belief in Centric putting the needs of its clients first, just like Decos. In this respect too, we are the perfect match!”

Both parties are pleased with the joint impact and significant knowledge of and experience with working with government bodies. “We have started a unique partnership and are looking forward to demonstrating it to our clients in practice.”

Feel free to contact us for more information about how we might be of service! 

Bas Taalman, Commercial Director Decos
Willam van Weelden, Product Manager Centric