Decos goes towards an all-electric car policy

Employees of Decos will only be able to choose an all-electric company car from now on. The existing fleet of hybrid, plug-in cars will be phased out: each new car added to the fleet will be all-electric.

Setting an example

“The antiquated internal combustion engine has got to go! They are bad for the climate and for the environment. Battery-powered cars are still less than perfect, but they are improving rapidly,” said Paul Veger, CEO and founder of Decos. “By only buying electric cars, you are setting a good example while stimulating the technology, so that more people will be able to buy a similar car in the future.”

“Decos is trying to make its business operations fully CO₂-neutral,” said Pieter de Koning, Facility Manager of Decos. “We are fully paperless and the building is completely CO₂-neutral.” The fleet of company cars also contributes to CO₂ reduction. “When it came to travel, we were able to make significant improvements towards saving the environment,” said Pieter. “That is why we decided to change up the fleet: each new car in our fleet will be all-electric from now on; hybrids and gasoline or diesel powered cars will no longer be added to the fleet.”

Leader in the area

This decision puts Decos well-ahead of many other companies. Ike Gerritsen of Decos’ leasing company Aurix explained: “Decos is a true leader in this area. Many companies are working on adding electric cars to their fleets, but not a single one of them takes it so far as Decos; as an employee, you literally have no other choice.”

“You always have to keep challenging yourself to improve the world. We now have the opportunity to do so with our choice of cars, so why shouldn’t we?” Paul remarked. “Approximately ten cars are added each month, and the days of having to take a different route are long gone. In a nutshell, there are plenty of options!”