Celebrating 20 years of Decos in India

Decos has completed its 20 years of operations in India this year. It is a year of special significance for all Decosians. To mark this special occasion, Decos had organized a big celebration on its annual day, i.e. 14th February 2020.

The annual day celebrations are incomplete without having families at the Decos event. The annual day is an opportunity for the families to bond together as a community. It is important for Decos to have these families involved as they are a great support system for all Decosians.


The event comprised live performances from the Decosians and their family members. They showcased dance, singing, and musical talent. As it was happening on Valentine’s Eve, a Bollywood quiz was arranged for the couples. Everybody enjoyed all the performances and special activities for couples and kids.


Paul Veger (founder and CEO at Decos) shared the Decos' journey of 20 years in India. He spoke about his dream and achievements Decos has had over these years. He was delighted to see all families taking part and sharing the joy of the glorious 20 years of Decos. Nitin Akhaury (Managing Director at Decos) expressed, “It is not the work that holds us together but the culture at Decos. It is this culture that motivates us to work hard towards making this planet paperless.” 


The organizing team had chosen the Fort Jadhav Gadh as a venue. This place has a special historical significance. The team wanted to celebrate at a place that has an astonishing history of 300 years of royal Maratha legacy. The fort has secret passages, dungeons, canons and interesting stories of bravery and royalty.


The annual day 2020 was a treat and a getaway to spend some quality time together. It was an evening full of excitement, entertainment, laughter, and fun where families took part with enthusiasm.