Agile BPMS for automating manufacturing enterprises

Manufacturing is the backbone of a country’s economy. The global competition and increasing demands have forced all the enterprises to push their productions to the highest caliber. The enterprises have been looking at technology advancements and process improvements as a solution to address competition and demand problems.

Why you should automate your manufacturing?

Predicting the next big wave of technology advancement is not easy. Also, technology solutions become a commodity in a short period of time unless it is a patented technology. On the other hand, improving the process has long term benefit and it can be your USP as it is not easy to copy and implement processes by your competition so easily. Along with that automation of manufacturing processes lead to a high level of productivity, improved efficiency, and increased profit margins without compromising the product quality.


Role of an ERP

As and when technology evolutions happen, the enterprises are adopting them. To bring everybody on the same page it is imperative that all look at the single version truth and all systems refer to a single repository for information. The ERP has different functional systems that work in an integrated way and function as a single mega application giving a unified view of the organization. Whenever there is an enterprise-wise change which is not conflicting with departmental processes, it is relatively easy to accommodate those changes in the ERP. It brings consistency of operations in the enterprise improving performance and productivity. ERP brings in the first level of enterprise-wide automation.

ERP is a major helping hand in the process automation streamlining all the operations in the manufacturing offering reduction in labor cost, elimination of wastage and minimization of the paperwork. The ERP has been successful in automating processes that result in more efficient handling of tasks improving turnaround times, quality, safety, labor productivity, and overall production.


An Agile BPMS tailored for Manufacturing

No matter how good an ERP system is, it alone cannot fulfill all process automation requirements. Only the structured processes are taken care of by an ERP effectively. The ERP falls short of provisions if an enterprise wants to extend it to unstructured processes. However, it is in the interest of the enterprise to achieve 100% automation. Enterprises need an innovative and flexible BPMS solution to fill in such gaps to automate the unstructured or tailored processes.

In a manufacturing organization, last-mile processes like e-procurement, bid log management, supplier collaboration, customer engagement, order tracking, RFP, etc. are set up according to specific goals. These specific expected results are only achievable with an Agile BPMS which will automate these processes and streamline them for smooth and complete process automation.

By thoroughly evaluating your processes and filling in the gaps with an Agile BPMS, enterprises can enable an efficient last-mile operation to deliver fluid customer experience and improve the overall supply chain.



Automation by ERP standard practices will help provide a competitive edge, but it may not be able to fix a production problem. Enterprises need to seek for the perfect sustainable and innovative Agile BPMS to address their tailored needs to get the expected outcome and gain the speed of process execution and future-proofing the business.