Decos is now a proud ASEAN channel partner to IFS

Decos has become a channel and services partner to one of the world’s fastest-growing ERP solution providers: IFS

The partnership has been signed for the India and Singapore regions. IFS customers from these regions can now benefit from Decos’ Industry Accelerators that integrate seamlessly with IFS Applications. IFS provides a robust and scalable digitization foundation for enterprises, while Decos’ Industry Accelerators offer last-mile connectivity offering 360-degree digitization for customers.

With this strategic partnership, IFS and Decos will equip the future business challengers with feature-rich digital transformation solutions. Enterprises across India and Singapore can take full advantage of the ease and flexibility offered by the combined offering of Decos and IFS along with the robustness of the platform and configurability of the Industry Accelerators.

The impact of IFS

IFS has achieved impressive growth over the last couple of years to become one of the fastest-growing ERP solution offering its services to over 70 countries. It has helped hundreds of enterprises to achieve extraordinary results, outperform their competition, and redefine their business processes through its next-gen technology and engineering expertise. Decos has sharpened its ability to provide enterprise-specific automation and custom workflows over the last 33 years of offering digitization services. Fusing its domain-specific knowledge with its automation and custom workflows, Decos has created Industry Accelerators. IFS and Decos provide a comprehensive solution to its customers in India and Singapore, allowing them to modernize their operations using the latest digital technologies.

As part of the partnership, Decos would get access to IFS’s exclusive access to tools, technologies, and delivery capabilities. Combining it with its domain-specific solution and high-degree of configurability of its Industry Accelerators uniquely positions Decos to offer high-quality services to IFS customers across India and Singapore.

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IFS customers in these regions can expect high productivity and efficiency through their digitization initiatives as part of Decos’ partnership with IFS.

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