Web 3.0: Future of the Internet

Centralization has helped onboard billions of people to the World Wide Web and created the stable, robust infrastructure on which it lives. At the same time, a handful of centralized entities have a stronghold on large swathes of the World Wide Web, unilaterally deciding what should and should not be allowed.

Web 3.0 is the answer to this dilemma. Instead of a Web monopolized by large technology companies, Web 3.0 embraces decentralization and is being built, operated, and owned by its users. Web 3.0 puts the power in the hands of individuals rather than corporations.

During this webinar, we covered the following:

  • Evolution of Web 3.0
  • Capabilities, features, and importance of Web 3.0
  • Key applications of web 3.0
  • The connection between Web 3.0 and blockchain
  • NFTs in the World of Web 3.0
  • Health 3.0
  • Risks associated with Web 3.0
  • Future of the Internet

Only a handful of organizations own and control the user-generated data. Not only do they exploit it at their will, but they also sell it to third-party service providers to earn revenue and influence user behavior.

Web 3.0 will end the data monopoly and centralized platforms that control users’ data. Decentralization will take center stage, and the complete data control will be in users’ hands. They will have the power to decide what data they want to share with businesses and earn money.

We also talked about the evolution of the Web from Web 1.0 and the challenges in it, then we moved to Web 2.0 where users can interact with a content publisher and share their feedback & comments. In Web 3.0 which is also known as the read-write execute web phase, we discussed its features and key applications in different segments.

We also discussed Blockchain & NFT and their impact on Web 3.0. How blockchain can change things in Web 3.0 and NFT can be a great place for an artist to generate a good amount of revenue from their artwork. Later we also talked about Health 3.0 and how Web 3.0 can revolutionize the healthcare industry in the coming future.

Please watch the full webinar to learn more about Web 3.0: Future of the Internet.


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