Serverless Apps in Azure

This webinar focuses on what, how, and why of serverless computing. It gives you an understanding of how serverless computing can help your organization in accelerating time to market, reduction of cost and increase in the customer satisfaction.

Serverless is the evolution of cloud platforms in the direction of pure cloud-native code. Serverless brings developers closer to business logic while insulating them from infrastructure concerns. This not only boosts team agility and performance but also improves organizational impact by accelerating time to market.
The infrastructure behind serverless allows for instant scale to meet elastic demands and offers micro-billing to truly "pay for what you use." enabling massive cost savings in certain scenarios.


During the webinar, we covered topics such as:

  • Introduction to serverless
  • Benefits of serverless platform
  • Business scenarios and use cases of serverless
  • Demonstration & Implementation of Azure Functions, Logic Apps and Event Grid
  • Azure Stream analytics Fundamentals and Benefits
  • Demonstration on Azure Stream analytics
  • Azure Synapse analytics introduction
  • Demonstration on Azure Synapse analytics

Why should you use serverless?

  • Micro-billing. Most serverless providers bill based on serverless executions, enabling massive cost savings in certain scenarios.
    • e.g., In case of web applications, Serverless enables you to scale each endpoint independently and pay for usage, so no costs are incurred when the APIs aren’t being called. This can dramatically reduce the ongoing cost to support the endpoints.
  • High density. Many instances of the same serverless code can run on the same host compared to containers or virtual machines.
  • Instant scale. Serverless can scale to match workloads automatically and quickly. These all features result in faster response times and reducing slowness.
  • Faster time to market. Developers focus on code and deploy directly to the serverless platform. Components can be released independently of each other.


This webinar was presented by Decos, a cutting-edge technology services partner ready to meet your software needs in the healthcare domain. If you have any questions about this webinar or you seek advice on how to perform test automation on your project, please contact Devesh at We would love to discuss it with you!