Introduction to Penetration Testing

Penetration testing (or pen testing) is a simulation of a cyberattack that tests a computer system, network, or application for security weaknesses. These tests rely on a mix of tools and techniques real hackers would use to breach a business. Other common names for penetration testing are white hat attacks and ethical hacking.

This Webinar helps us to learn how penetration testing can be used in your organization to test applications for security vulnerabilities.


During the webinar, we covered the following:
• What is penetration testing?
• Why your organization needs penetration testing?
• Types of penetration testing• What are OWASP and its top 10 list?
• Demo of penetration testing on a web application

Why your organization needs penetration testing?
Ideally, software and systems are designed from the start with the aim of excluding severe cyber security vulnerabilities. A penetration test provides insight into how well that aim was achieved.

Penetration testing can help an organization
1. To Reduce chances of network and application downtime
Network loss or application downtime leads to loss of productivity and availability.
As we all know, Time equals Money, so any loss of time due to such inactivity can cost companies and those affected lose millions of dollars.
2. To Save on costs
Recovery and Remediation costs after a breach cost heavily, whereas well-designed Pen tests will cost just a fraction of it.
3. To Manage risks
If you are using a third-party application, outsourced services, or cloud-based services, then it is imperative to have pen testing done. It helps to manage risk by defending against vulnerabilities and warding off threats, which have the potential to become actual events.
4. To Adhere to regulatory compliance and laws around security
Regulatory standards laid down in HIPPA, ISO 27001, and others require organizations to do mandatory testing and audits of their security systems.
By failing to do so, the company could be charged with hefty fines.
5. To Safeguard your organization’s reputation
It takes just one security incident to impact your customer's trust. Pen tests help to hold onto your customer base and the organization's reputation.

To learn more about penetration testing, please watch the full webinar.

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